Airsofting 101


For some, the sport of Airsoft is a little overwhelming to get into. The rules can be confusing, purchasing the right gun is a feat in itself, and walking into something completely new can be discouraging for the old and young.

I myself have been airsofting for a while now and know the ins and outs of the sport. Hopefully in this blog, you’ll be able to learn more and know what to expect when it comes to going to your first airsoft field.

First off, safety is every field’s main concern.

All fields require at least full seal eye protection. This means that some sort of eye protection that covers the entirety of your eye must be worn at all times when you’re on the field.

Some fields, like the one I go to, require full face protection. This means that your entire face, not just your eyes, have to be covered to play. This can easily be overcome in a variety of ways.

First of all, you have the option to buy a full face mask. This is the easiest option. Just search up an airsoft mask, and find one you like. Usually they come with goggles or a mesh eye cover.

Either is fine, but be warned, if you play a game that allows biodegradable bb’s, there’s a chance one will hit the mesh and explode into your eye. It’s a small chance, but it’s happened to me several times and is very uncomfortable.

The goggles may sound like the best option, but those fog up very quickly while you’re sprinting around getting all sweaty.

The other option would be to buy goggles and a half mask to go under it. This is the more complicated option, but it allows for more customization in the way you look on the field.

There are many types of goggles and many types of lower face masks. The different goggles range from the larger type clear plastic lens and mesh cover to the smaller plastic lens and mesh lens. The smaller resemble swimming goggles.

Personally, I have a large pair of goggles, non-mesh, and a mesh half mask. This allows the hot air I breath out to go out the lower mask, and not flow up into the goggles and fog them up.

The next big ordeal of starting airsoft is purchasing your own gun.

This can be extremely overwhelming as the amount of guns on the market is extraordinarily high.

Most fields offer rental guns to newer players, but it’s not long before you tire of the less-than-adequate guns.

Your best bet is to look around the field for guns that appeal to you. If you get a high-performance weapon, but it doesn’t look good to you, you won’t enjoy the game because you dislike your gun.

After you have a gun picked out, start researching. You’ll want to stick with the big brands, like G&G, Dboys, HK, and Tokyo Muria. These are good brands that won’t cheat you of your money. Many Chinese guns look great, but are filled with plastic parts that fail easily.

That’s all my time, so until next, goodbye.

Eat Your Greens Kids


Eat Your Greens

Jimmy John Junior was a strange boy. He would pogo stick 16 miles every day to get a blueberry blast drink from the nearest gas station. The thing was, his pogo stick was breaking. You see, pogo sticks just aren’t made to go 16 miles every single day, not to mention the 16 miles back home.

So Jimmy John Junior decided to go. To go out and find the perfect pogo stick for him.

He didn’t need friends or family. Jimmy John Junior just needed a good quality Pogo stick. One that he could trust. One that had his back and his feet and hands.

A pogo stick to top all pogo stick. He wanted to go higher and faster than ever before.

Jimmy John Junior headed out. He Pogoed down the little dirt road he lived on. He pogoed down the highway, hitchhiking when he could, but using his pogo stick as his main source of transportation.


One night, after a long day of hard pogo work, he sat to rest under a bus stop bench. There, under the bus stop bench, he saw a fly. The fly had a pogo stick, of course, as all flies do, and it looked up at Jimmy John Junior, and said hello.

It looked up and said hello from under the Bus Stop bench. It had a little family surrounding it. Its little fly wife, its little fly son, and its little fly-sized pogo stick.

Jimmy John said hello back to the nice little fly and then smashed them with his foot.

Nasty flies.

He swept them away with his foot and lay to sleep under the Bus Stop bench.

The next morning Jimmy John Junior found himself covered head to toe in flies.

How strange, he thought.

He thought it was more strange than gross. But, he had other places to go, so he swept them off with his hand, grabbed his trusty pogo stick, and started hopping off down the street.

He could see the big city. He could see it in the distance, and little Jimmy John Junior started hopping as fast as his little feet could go.

He traveled all day and all night, until he was in the middle of some strange desert. He had no idea where he was or what he was doing all the way out there.

Day after day, night after night, Jimmy John Junior hopped down this lonely desert road. He didn’t eat, he didn’t sleep, he didn’t breathe, he didn’t even blink his eyes. He just hopped on. Hopped on through rain and storm.

After the 40th year of hopping, Jimmy John Junior started thinking. He wondered if the great pogo city was just an illusion. Just a figment of his imagination. Just a mirage.

That’s it. It was a Mirage.

But then Jimmy John Junior thought, no, this couldn’t be a Mirage. He had seen it from under the Bus Stop bench. And so Jimmy John Junior pushed on, and is still, to this day, hopping.

And that, kids, is why you need to eat your greens.

Hurricane Primer


Hurricane Primer

Having lived in Florida for almost 17 years, I’ve experienced my share of hurricanes. While they can be frightening, they are nothing to fear if you’re properly prepared. You don’t have to buy super fancy bulletproof windows or military ration MRE packs. You can get by with some simple supplies and smart spending.

First off, Hurricane winds can range from 76 miles per hour to up to 156 miles per hour. They blow around, picking up dust, debris, dirt, and plants. It’s not uncommon for a hurricane to blow whole trees over.

These simple preparations will keep you safe in your time under the big dark cloud.

When you first hear the hurricane is coming in, whether it be on the news or radio, you should fill all the tubs in your house full to the brim with water, while your power is on. There’s a good chance you’ll need this water for cooking, showering and flushing your toilet.

This may seem nasty to some, but the truth is, sometimes, during a hurricane, your water won’t work and your toilet just won’t flush.

Instead of picking a corner or getting a bucket, get the water from your filled tub, and put it in the back of your toilet. This allows it to flush, ONCE. You’ll need to refill the reservoir after every use.

If you don’t do this, you run the risk of making your toilet disgusting as well as messing up all your house’s plumbing.

Your second purchase should be a small generator. It’s extremely likely that your electricity will go out. Don’t go spending all your money on a super fancy generator that powers your whole neighborhood. You should get one that powers at least a TV.

The reason behind this is that instead of powering a fridge or microwave you want to power your radio to keep yourself updated on the news. In extreme cases, hurricanes can cause the officials to evacuate an area. You won’t know unless you keep an eye on the news.

In the same vein, having some flashlights won’t hurt.

At night, unless you want to light your whole house with candles, some good quality flashlights and extra batteries will work miracles. You might want to look into kerosene lamps.

What some forget is that when it comes to bad weather situations, you won’t have any phones, any video games or laptops. Getting some good, old fashioned board games and books can save you from the boredom and insanity.

Now to protection.

Hurricane winds, as stated before, can reach up to over 150 miles per hour. You’ll need to board up your windows. Go down to your local Home Depot or Lowes, and look for 3-ply plywood. You’ll need to get it in the size of your window, plus around 4 inches on all sides. You’ll need this so you have enough space to screw it onto your house.

Hopefully now you’re not as hopeless as when you clicked onto this page. While hurricanes can be very serious, the most important thing is to stay safe and stay calm.