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Lost the Race Got a Roofer

Last week I was at a giant water craft expo thing that also included a water-based marathon event. It involved a long circuit on the intracoastal waterway, and most people did it on jetskis.

I got halfway through and wouldn’t you know it, my jetski broke down and I got stranded on a little island. Anyways, before I got to the event I stopped by a gas station I met a guy we had a pretty amazing conversation. He prob won’t remember, but I will.

Turns out he does roofing in Jacksonville Beach, about four hours up the coast from here. He’s been there for like a hundred years and serves that whole area including Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach.

Roof Repair

I googled him later. I put in Jacksonville beach roofers and Neptune Beach roofing contractors and he comes right up. You can visit him here: http://monahanroofingcontractorscom

Turns out that in addition to roof installation he is also a roof repairs company and among all the commercial companies out there, he gets the best reviews for emergency work, roofing on apartments, and working with glass and metal.

He’s also known as a roof replacement company, has a great intro video on his website, and has a reputation for reasonable costs, answering questions clearly, giving lots of options, and giving an estimate before every job.

He told me that he always goes by the book and dots his i’s and crosses his t’s. He never tries to get around getting a roofing permit. In fact, when it comes to getting a roofing repairs permit, he’s usually the first one in line. The Neptune Beach roofing contractors association and board have learned that this guy is a stickler for doing things the right way, and he has a great reputation with them.

So it turns out that of all the roofing contractors out there, this guy really is the best one. If you search roofing co fl, or roofing companies fl, this guy will come up as the best roofing company.

So he and I talked a long time while I was getting my jetski there.

Oh, I forgot to say . . . as it turned out, something broke in my engine, and I had to call for a new part and just sit there and wait for someone to bring it to me. I didn’t figure out the problem until after a friend got there and we were looking at it together.  He could have left when we determined that I had to just wait for someone to bring me a part, but he said he’d hang around for a bit.

The “bit” part ended up being three hours. Yeah, it took that long for someone to bring me a part. But that was ok. We had shade and GatorAde so we just chilled and talked and watched the rest of the contestants go by.

And I got his whole story, and now I know who’s gonna replace my roof! So happy about that, because it needs it, and up until then, I didn’t know who I could get to do it. So . . . even though I totally bombed the race, I got a new friend and a solution to my roof dilemma.

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