My Story


Hey guys, what’s up?

I’m Greg. So, let me be really clear from the get-go. This isn’t a blog about crafting!

If you came here for tips and talks about stuff like tatting and cross-stitch and paper art and adult coloring and scrapbooking and wood-burning and paper mache and knitting and crocheting and latch hooking and quilting and rubber stamping and card making and bag making out of magazine pages and whatever else the hell ladies do in their recliners at night in front of the TV or in weekend marathon sessions barred in inside some church basement sitting at rows of 8×3 white plastic tables, this isn’t the site for you.

Not to be rude or blunt or excluding. You just will waste your time if you’ve come to this site for that stuff. You ain’t gonna find that here!

Nope. This is a site about water crafts.

Yep. Machines and crafts that move you along in the water. Jet skis. Boats. Kayaks. Parasailing crap. Canoes. Paddleboards. Airboats. Stuff like that.

See? The URL makes sense: wcrafting. As in, water crafting. Not as in paper, scissors, glue, and glitter.

So now that I’ve cleared that up, half of you can go off to other blog sites and find what you were looking for, and the other half of you can stay here and enjoy the content!

Like I said above, I’m Greg. I’m totally into water sports of all kinds. I grew up on the water in Jupiter, Florida. It’s far enough away from Miami to have the awesome small beach town feel and close enough that if you dig big city life, you can run down there and get your fill and then go back home where traffic and stuff is less crazy.

I live in Ft. Lauderdale now, which has more of the big city feel than I’d like, but I’m here for my businesses. It is what it is. When I’m old and decrepit I’ll move back to Jupiter.

Actually, scratch that. I loved Jupiter, and I will go back when I retire. Which will be early. Like, when I’m in my 40s. Because I’m on the fast track to my millions right now, and I’m in my early 30s. I’m not working till I’m a hundred. No way. Making the big bucks now, saving a lot of it, and gonna quit early and spend the rest of my life doing other stuff.

Nah, I won’t sit around on my ass just getting fat. I’ll do something awesome and life-giving and contributory to humanity because that kind of thing is what really floats my boat. So yeah, my plan is to retire early and then do something else where I don’t have to be focusing on bringing in income and increasing my nest egg.

This blog is about water crafts and that whole world. But I also throw in random blogs—stories I write, reviews of stuff that I think you’d be interested in, etc.

Everything is categorized. So if you only want to read all my original stories, just click on that tab.

OK, enjoy! And thanks again for stopping by!